Interline Rates from Oceania Cruises - big savings for airline employees and their friends & family

Airline employees get huge discounts on Oceania Cruises cruises

As the leader in destination cruising, Oceania Cruises sails to more than 330 ports around the globe. International airline employees continue to book with Oceania because of their exclusive itineraries; the perfect mix of must-see marquee and boutique, off-the-beaten-path ports. Multiple overnight calls offer an in-depth, destination experience that allows travelers to immerse themselves in the cuisine, culture and history of the ports.

Oceania Cruises is the world’s only upper premium cruise line, and offers discounts to any eligible airline employee. Cuisine, comfort, service and outstanding value are the pillars that define Oceania Cruises’ five-star product and have positioned the line as the cruise company of choice for flight crews seeking a truly refined and casually elegant travel experience.

Oceania’s ships radiate warmth and character among their true charm. With up to six open seating, gourmet restaurants to choose from, dining is a central highlight of the Oceania Cruises experience. Guests may dine when, where and with whom they wish. The famed Canyon Ranch Spa Club offers not only spa and fitness, but renowned wellness. The intimate and luxurious ships allow you to explore the world in style and comfort. 

*Starting April 2018, all Oceania Cruises will come with complimentary basic on board Wi-Fi.

Top Oceania Cruises Deals

Depart: San Francisco - Arrive: Vancouver
10nt from $1500
Depart: Vancouver - Arrive: Seattle
14nt from $1500
Depart: Lisbon - Arrive: Southampton
10nt from $1500
Depart: Copenhagen - Arrive: Southampton
12nt from $1800
Depart: Barcelona - Arrive: Civitavecchia (Rome)
14nt from $2100