Interline Travel is a privilege for an Airline employee. Many Airline employees will admit that it is one of the reasons they work for an airline.
An Airline employee is defined as an active airline employee of an IATA/ARC appointed airline. Eligibility can vary depending on the individual supplier but the definition of an Interliner typically includes:

  • Active Airline Employee
  • Airline Employee's Spouse
  • Airline Employee's Dependent Children
    (21 or younger)
  • Retired Airline Employee
  • Airline Employees Parents and In-laws - they can travel without the Airline Employee.
  • Courier Company Employees such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne Express, Purolator
  • Non-airline friends and companions are eligible for the interline rate when sharing accommodations with an airline employee.

Interline Discounts
Some interline discounts can be up to 80% off rack retail rates. Interline rates are offered to airline employees and their immediate families as they can often travel with little notice and fly on passes with either their own airline, or other carriers with which their airline has an interline travel pass agreement. As the airline employee does not typically require Dargal to book their air, Dargal primarily sells either cruise-only product or land-only product, allowing for further price reductions to our clients.

Why Choose Dargal as your Interline Vacation Center?
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