How To Whitelist Dargal in your Spam Filter

Having trouble receiving our e-mails? Because of the tremendous volume of unwanted e-mails landing in the inbox these days, companies and individuals alike are using various filters and services to reduce the number of SPAM messages they receive. While we applaud the use of these filters and services, we do understand that valid e-mails get caught in these filters from time to time and our customers may not always receive the e-mails that they have subscribed to. If you are using any of the mail programs/services below, you can ensure that our mail will pass through your filters by "whitelisting" our e-mail broadcasts. Whitelisting allows e-mail that you have defined as valid to pass through the different filter systems put in place by internet service providers and corporate networks and will allow you to view the specials we send regularly. Please click on the mail program/service you use and follow the instructions - if you have other troubles receiving our e-mails, please contact or call our client services team at 1-800-690-3223 ext. 2320 and they will assist.

Select your service / mail provider or email filtering software below:


If our emails have ended up in your Spam folder, please be sure to click the "Not Spam" option to ensure they end up in your inbox in the future. To add our email address to your whitelist: Click the Mail menu and select Address Book. When the "Address Book" window pops up, click on the Add button. Once the "Address Card for New Contact" window loads, type into the "Other E-Mail" field. Make our address the "Primary E-Mail" address by checking the associated check box. Click the Save button. Version 9.0: Open your latest Dargal e-mail. Click the Add Address button (on the right) to add to your "People I Know" list. Alternatively, you can just send an e-mail to:, and that will add us to your "People I Know" list automatically.

Still not working? here is a link to AOL's help guide complete with screenshots - click here


If Dargal is filtered, from the spambox, click on the white "W" icon on the left column of the mailing. When the pop-up window comes up, simply click the Add to Whitelist button. Alternative whitelisting methods: * Click on the White List button. Add: to the bottom of your existing list. Click the Submit List button. * Click the Subject White List button. Add: Dargal to the bottom of the list on a line by itself. Click the Submit List button.

Cloudmark SpamNet:

Select Cloudmark | Options... from the Cloudmark SpamNet toolbar in Outlook. Click Advanced. Go to the Whitelist tab. Click the Add button. Type: Click OK. Click OK. Click Yes. Click OK.


Log into your Gmail account. Click Contacts along the left side of the page. Click New Contact. In the "Name" field, type: Dargal and in the "Email" field enter: Click Save Now.


Log into your Hotmail account and click Options (upper right hand corner). Select More Options from the bottom of the drop down menu. Under Junk E-mail, click Safe and blocked senders. Click Safe senders. Type in the "Sender or domain to mark as safe:" field. Click the Add to list >> button next to the dialog box. If you see a message that should not be in your Junk Mail folder, click 'Mark as Safe' to avoid having e-mail from the same source sent to the Junk Mail folder in the future.


Click the Addresses tab. Click New. Type: Make sure 'Accept Mail From This Address' is selected under Receiving Options. Uncheck 'Display in People Picker' under Other options. Click Submit. Click OK.


Click Friends from the toolbar. Click Add. Type: Click OK.


Click Tools, then Blacklist and Friends. Click Add... on the right, the Friends list side. Make sure Plain email address is selected. Type: Click OK. Click OK.

McAfee Spamkiller:

Click Friends from the sidebar. Click Add. Type: Click OK.


Click on Settings: E-mail | Junk e-mail at the bottom left of the screen. On the e-mail settings screen, click on the Junk E-mail Guard link. Click on Safe List. In the "Add people to the safe list" field, type: and then click Add.


Check your 'Probably Spam' folder. If you see that Dargal was incorrectly filtered out, select it, and click the 'Move to Inbox and Mark as Not Spam' button.


Add the following entry to your user_prefs file, which is found in the .spamassassin subdirectory on your web/mail server: whitelist_from Save the user_prefs file or move the updated copy to your .spamassassin subdirectory. If you have no user_prefs file in this subdirectory, create one:


Click the Configure button. Go to the Known Senders tab. Click Add under 'Known Good Senders and Recipients'. Type: Click OK. Click OK.

Spameater Pro:

Click Filters from the sidebar. Click the Approved Senders tab. Click Add Filter. Type: under Address. Choose 'Full Email Address' under Address Type. Select Email Domain. Click OK.

Spam Inspector:

Select Spam Inspector, then 'Manage Friends List' from either the Spam Inspector toolbar or from the Outlook menu. Make sure Email is selected under 'Add a New Friend'. Type: Click the >> button. Click Close.

Spam Interceptor:

Follow the Trusted link under > Authentication Lists. Enter the email address: Click Add.


Click on the SpamPal system tray icon with the right mouse button. Click 'Add to Whitelist' from the menu. Type: Click Add.

Spam Sleuth:

Select File, then Configure. Go to the Friends category. Make sure Active is checked. Type: on a line by itself in the entry field. Click OK.

Yahoo! Mail

Open your Yahoo! mailbox and click on Options in the upper right hand corner. In the drop down menu, select Mail Options. Click on Filters in the menu on the left. Click the Add Filter button. Select Contains from the "Sender" drop down menu. Type: into the field to the right of the drop down. Click the Move to Folder drop down menu and select Inbox. Click the Save Changes button. If Dargal has been filtered to your "bulk" folder, simply open the message and click on the "This is not Spam" link next to the "From" field.

Other providers:

If Dargal is being filtered, try adding to your Address Book or Contact list. If this option is not available, try moving the message to your 'inbox' or forwarding the message to yourself. If subsequent messages continue to be filtered, call or e-mail your ISP's technical support and ask how you can be sure to receive all e-mail from Domain: If they need to know the domain we're mailing from, tell them: